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Conchita Würst

Russia made Conchita win

 Russia was boycotted by most Western European juries. In the name of peace, though, Ukraine and Russia gave points to each other. And Austria’s victory was produced by Russia in…


A race among 4 countries

  In 2003, Turkey won Eurovision by only 2 points to Belgium, with Russia as second runner up only 1 point behind Belgium. Since then the winner has been decided…


Semi Final 2 Prediction

This year’s second semi final will be a much more entertaining one than the first semi, with only three ballads in the running. I also think that this one should…


Semi Final 1 Prediction

Tonight’s semifinal will be the most unsurprising ever. All of the songs are possible qualifiers, and I won’t be surprised by any country’s exit. Armenia and Sweden are according to…


The tightest Eurovision race for 11 years – Who will win?

  With less than a week left until the Eurovision final, there is no clear Eurovision favourite in my opinion. I expect the race for the trophy to be the…


United Kingdom 2014: Children of the Universe – Review

  Song: Children of the Universe Performer: Molly Smitten-Downes The United Kingdom is back on track. After sending well-known singers with average songs for years, they have chosen to goo…


Spain 2014: Dancing in the rain – Review

  Song: Dancing in the rain Performer: Ruth Lorenzo A traditional, big Eurovision ballad. Reminds me a lot of the Spanish entry two years ago, “Quédate Conmigo” by Pastora Soler,…


Italy 2014: La mia città – Review

  Song: La mia città Performer: Emma Marrone Italy has ever since their return to Eurovision in 2011 served well produced quality songs which has also left all of them…


Germany 2014: Is it right – Review

  Song: Is it right Performer: Elaiza Despite of the traditional music elements of this song – the accordion and contrabass, it feels modern. Elaiza’s voice suits the song well….


France 2014: Moustache – Review

  Song: Moustache Performer: Twin Twin A modern, uptempo pop song, which works well on the dancefloor. Good shot on a top-10 position.