Switzerland 2013: You and me – Review

  Song: You and me Performer: Takasa After Russia had success with grandmas last year, Switzerland decides to bring an even older fellow to Eurovision this year. The Salvation Army…


Georgia 2013: Waterfall – Review

  Song: Waterfall Performer: Sopho Gelovani & Nodiko Tatishvili «Waterfall» is a ballad which gives a dualfeeling: On one side, it has a very good and well composed tune, even…


Albania 2013: Identitet – Review

  Song: Identitet Performer: Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko Balkan rock songs has so far never done well in Eurovision and this seems to be no exception. Probably not through…


Norway 2013: I feed you my love – Review

  Song: I feed you my love Performer: Margaret Berger This electropop song is dark and gloomy, in both melody and lyrics. The chorus does not necessarily stick after the…


Hungary 2013: Kedvesen – Review

  Song: Kedvesem Performer: ByeAlex ByeAlex sings this love song about his sweetheart, and it is a sweet tune, a mid-tempo pop song that at first seems a little boring,…


Armenia 2013: Lonely planet – Review

  Song: Lonely planet Performer: Gor Sujyan Armenia restrained from joining Eurovision last year, as the contest was held by their enemy Azerbaijan. Before that, Armenia has been quite successful…


Israel 2013: Rak bishvilo – Review

  Song: Rak bishvilo Performer: Moran Mazor This heavy ballad is like a religious hymn, gloomy, and is supported by Moran Mazors stage presence. Moran sings well, and Israel is…


Greece 2013: Alcohol is free – Review

  Song: Alcohol is free Performer: Koza Mostra feat. Agathonas Iakovidis Greece has been the most successful country in Eurovision since the introduction of the semifinals, advancing to the final…


Iceland 2013: Ég a lif – Review

  Song: Ég a lif Performer: Eyþor Ingi Gunnlaugsson «Ég a lif» is this year’s maybe most old-fashioned ballad, which could just as well have been written in the 80s….


Bulgaria 2013: Samo shampioni – Review

  Song: Samo shampioni Performer: Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov This is a modern up-tempo mix of ethnopop and trance, and Elitsa and Stoyan ended 5th in Eurovision in 2007…