Norway 2014: Silent storm – Review

  Song: Silent storm Performer: Carl Espen An unpretentious ballad with nice falsetto singing. There is a tenderness to his voice which might sound bad if he is too nervous….


Malta 2014: Coming Home – Review

  Song: Coming Home Performer: Firelight A country-inspired pop song which is okay, but really doesn’t go anywhere. Might go through to the final.


Poland 2014: My Slowianie – Review

  Song: My Slowianie Performer: Donatan and Cleo The polish song has a good video which should be checked out, as they will never be able to  recreate it live…


Lithuania 2014: Attention – Review

  Song: Attention Performer: Vilija Matačiūnaitė Lithuania has only once ended up in the top-10 in their 14 attempts so far, and that was with their gimmick / mock entry…


Austria 2014: Rise like a Phoenix – Review

  Song: Rise like a Phoenix Performer: Conchita Wurst A musical anthem from Austria which is okay. But: This act gets more attention for the singer’s looks than for the…


Georgia 2014: Three minutes to earth – Review

  Song: Three minutes to earth Performer: Mariko Ebralidze and The Shin I guess this is what Eurovision is all about: Completely different cultures crashing together in a musical collision…


Israel 2014: Same heart – Review

  Song: Same heart Performer: Mei Feingold Israel’s song has got a lot of power and a nice drive to it. It’s the most up-to-date, contemporary Israeli entry ever. Could…


The Netherlands 2014: Calm after the storm – Review

  Song: Calm after the storm Performer: The common linnets The Netherlands give us a countryinspired mid-tempo pop song this year, with a nice, enticing tune. Needs to have your…


Montenegro 2014: Moj Svijet – Review

Song: Moj Svijet Performer: Sergej Ćetković Montenegro has not succeded in getting to the final on their five attempts so far. Their several Balkan rock attempts, Ralf Siegel pop and their…


Portugal: Quero ser tua – Review

  Song: Quero ser tua Performer: Suzyit Portugal returns to Eurovision after one year’s absence. Their song is an uptempo samba / carnival song, which has given them success before:…