Denmark 2014: Cliché love song – Review

  Song: Cliché love song Performer: Basim The host country always has high expectations. Last time Denmark hosted the song contest, they ended second after performing last. This time they…


Switzerland 2014: Hunter of stars – Review

  Song: Hunter of stars Performer: Sebalter Cute and sweet. Both the song and the guy. He will probably be looked upon as the perfect son-in-law by all the mothers…


Greece 2014: Rise up – Review

Song: Rise up Performer: Freaky fortune feat Riskykidd Nothing exceptional, but definitely one of the best party songs of this year’s Eurovision. Modern with a good, uptempo beat. When adding…


Slovenia 2014: Spet (Round and round) – Review

  Song: Spet (Round and round) Performer: Tinkara Kovač A nice, but anonymous midtempo pop song. Probably through to the final, but out of top-10.


Belarus 2014: Cheesecake – Review

  Song: Cheesecake Performer: TEO Mock entry. And not a very good one. Not through to the final.


Romania 2014: Miracle – Review

Song: Miracle Performer: Paula Seling & Ovi Paula Seling and Ovi are back after their 3rd place in Oslo 2010. This time – again – their song is a good…


Ireland 2014: Heartbeat – Review

  Song: Heartbeat Performer: Can-linn feat Kasey Smith Ireland is mixing modern electropop with traditional Irish music, violins and riverdance. The mix is okay, but the tune is nothing new,…


Finland 2014: Something Better – Review

  Song: Something better Performer: Softengine Finland has brought rock to Eurovision before, but a lot more authentic versions than this one. This one reminds me on the Swiss song…


FYR Macedonia 2014: To the sky – Review

  Song: To the sky Performer: Tijana Dapčević A forgettable pop song which luckily avoids turning into Balkan rock which Macedonia has done so many times before. Not through to…


Russia 2014: Shine – Review

  Song: Shine Performer: Tomalchevy Sisters A radio friendly pop song with cliché lyrics, which might come off as even more cliché due to the current political situation in Europe….