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Semi Final 1 Prediction

Tonight’s semifinal will be the most unsurprising ever. All of the songs are possible qualifiers, and I won’t be surprised by any country’s exit. Armenia and Sweden are according to…


Iceland 2014: Enga fordóma – Review

  Song: Enga fordóma Performer: Pollapönk Iceland usually takes Eurovision slightly more serious than average, but when they didn’t have any prominent songs in their selection process, they ended up…

Malmö Arena

Semi Final 2: No surprise exits

  The favourites went through also from the second Eurovision Semi Final on Thursday, which means there has been no surprise exits this year. Or… Wait a minute.. The BIG…


Who makes it from the second semi final?

  The day of the second semi final is upon us, and this is definitely a weaker one than the first. Which means an easier way for the big favourites….


Iceland 2013: Ég a lif – Review

  Song: Ég a lif Performer: Eyþor Ingi Gunnlaugsson «Ég a lif» is this year’s maybe most old-fashioned ballad, which could just as well have been written in the 80s….